Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A wake up call

Well, unfortunately I have some tough news. But first, everyone is okay. While I was in Southern Zambia, our house was robbed last night and Daka, our guard, (whom I had asked to work nights while I was gone) was beaten by the thieves. It turns out he has either a dislocated shoulder after a visit to an orthopedic doctor.

We don’t know how they got into our yard, but Daka saw them (4 guys), as they were trying to get into the kitchen window which doesn’t have security bars on it. (Our interior house is secure with bars – Just the outside is not). After Daka saw them and they beat him they gave up on that and broke the glass on the office window and grabbed Michelle's computer (our intern who I will write a post about soon),through the hole in the security bars (I had my computer with me. Stephanie was using her computer while she was at the conference with our CROSS team) which was sitting on the desk. That’s all they got. Daka pursued them and they beat him again, knocking him unconscious maybe for the second time.

As you can imagine, getting the call this morning at 7:15 am in Sinazongwe, a good six hours from home, I was pretty distraught. God was gracious as I was able to get a ride to a bus station and then caught a bus, perhaps 3 minutes after I got there. I got home by 3:30pm. We replaced the glass and we are getting back to normal at our house. It was a bit scary as you can imagine, and I think we are all feeling a bit shaken by this. In so many ways, we sense God gracious hand on this event. And the loyalty of our guard astounds us. We just got off the phone with Daka and he is doing better. He is appreciating the powerful drugs
. We will take care of him in every way necessary since he won’t be able to work. We are thinking through how to shore up security, including hiring a night guard with a security firm.

We appreciate your prayers, for all of us, for wisdom on how to proceed, for confidence and faith and fearlessness. We thank you for walking with us through all these ordeals… (and oh, by the way, the conference was going great when I left. I heard tonight that it went well today as well. Please pray for their final day and their journey home.)

Thanks for your prayers,



Anonymous said...

We're bummed for you guys! Miss you all. Wish we could come see you!

Dani McDowell CD(DONA) said...

Definately will lift you up in prayer...
love Matt and Dani McDowell

John Schwartz said...

Prayed for wisdom, bro.