Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.
- Edwin Schlossberg

A couple of years ago, I ran a marathon with my wife. It was truly a life changing event. It changed my life in many ways. Not only did I accomplish something I had always wanted to, the after effects were almost as helpful. The endurance learned through daily training and discipline over so many months helped me finish seminary. And of late, after a year and half of long nights and early mornings, I have finished a novel.

It was January of 2008 when my world, so to speak, entered another world. My wife was sick with the cute little Johanna in her belly and so she was usually asleep before my children even went to sleep. I had an idea back then that had captivated me. I love stories. I was seeking that perfect new novel idea that would combine both pastoring and writing. And I found it. And so while my precious wife slept, I decided to write. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Early mornings or late at night, when my blogs had been written and bills paid and children tucked in. I did all my missionary stuff during missionary hours, but on my own time, I pursued a story and I found that the story pursued me. It was a bit like reading a book. I had no idea what was going to happen, until I began writing.

I found something about myself during this time, which is, I love to write. It brings me alive like few things I have found. Well, back then, being the visionary, optimistic kind, I thought/hoped/doubted that I would maybe have this book ready to be read by September 9, 2009. Talk about a perfect time to market a book whose title is simply, NINE. The book is not published, but the book is finished, having been edited once, and now I am just about editing the edits. So, why mention it? Well, I am looking for NINE editors who will agree to read, give constructive, objective, honest feedback for a very sincere THANK YOU and a little byline in the acknowledgments.

I am not John Grisham nor do I expect to be the next Ted Dekker. I know this book is not done. I mean, it is done. But, I need help. And, it is a risk to even write a blog like this, but you know, life is full of risks. You have to sometime put yourself out there, even if what you hope is good might not be so good. So, if you are a devourer of books, a grammar nazi, and/or a detail freak, you have a little margin in your life and a passion to see God's truth proclaimed in story, email me... I am going to originally restrict the first batch of editors to NINE, so I can really work with those who sacrifice their time.

Oh, and the story line? Check out the first draft of a book cover for a peak.


LadyBee said...

Steve--I am a freelance grammar mistake/typo Nazi. I see them everywhere and it drives me nuts! Beyond that, I would count it a privilege to help you get your book ready for publication. So, if you don't have your "9" yet, let me know and I'd love to help.

Deborah Ferguson

Unknown said...

I'm no fancy editor, but did enjoy my two years on staff at the writing center at Seattle U. I'd be happy to join your "staff" if you still need.

And how cool! A novel. I'm amazed that you found the time.