Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everyone needs a little rest (especially our pastors)

Well, we are back in Zambia and getting readjusted to all that life is in Zambia. The flight was smooth but the landing has been a bit rough. I forgot to renew my work visa so I had to pay $100 and then my work permit which I went to renew was not in good enough condition so I had to pay $250 for that and the Mosquitos have found their happy place in our house. I must have killed 50 last night in my office with my little mosquito electric shocker thing (Their happy place is not so happy now:) and I am currently sitting across from a very sick Brady who has come down with some kind of stomach something... But, you know, that is life. We are thankful to be home, but we are so thankful for the break that we had.

We had a great vacation in South Africa. Capetown is a very, very beauitful place. I’ve been a lot of places, but wow, even with rain and clouds and cold all week, it is an amazing place. ANYWAY, the break was sorely needed, especially for me. I can’t tell you how great it was to just relax, rest my mind, play with my kids and soak up God’s creation. (No mosquitos, drinkable tap water and fast internet, helped, too.)

It is good to take a break from the battle every once in awhile, and as I was on my way home, reflecting on the value of such rest, I was thinking how much more our pastors and teachers that we teach need this just as much as I do. They are in the midst of incredible pressure and poverty and yet because they don’t have the money or the resources, any kind of break is not an option.

Our director, Tim Hilty, wrote a report to our Zambia team about a trip thethat some of the missionaries took with the Zambian pastors we teach out to our retreat property, just 45 minutes out of town. (It just occurred to me, I may never have mentioned anything about the hub of our ministry, Cinyanjano Centre, a 22 acre piece of property that has a three huts, a teamhouse, and lots of room to develop a conference facility. Check out this link for some blogs and pictures by Karen Singelton of a recent short term team that came over to help improve our center. Our hope is to develop it for a conference/retreat center for pastors, churches and ministries.)

Anyway, Tim wrote:

“We are now prepared to open the "team house" to be used for church leadership retreats. On Friday, ABI students were transported out to Ciyanjano to have a look and get exposed to what our property has to offer. The ABI students gave us glowing feedback and seemed very excited.”

I was not able to be there to witness the excitement, but from what I hear, they just couldn’t believe that they could use the property at such an affordable price. I look forward to seeing the blessing this place will be to these nationals, helping them plan retreats and be revived and encouraged in a way that we as Americans tend to take for granted.

So, please pray for us as we develop this property so that we can really open up this property to help the Zambian church. If you desire to help us build a fence, which is the first step, here is a link to donate...

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