Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life as we (continue) to know it.

We continue to be refined here in Zambia. I guess I hope I can someday get used to living outside my comfort zone, but, I am afraid that will probably never be the case. It is possible, I guess, to live in your comfort zone here. In a big city like Lusaka, you can hole yourself up and keep safe from the hurts and pains of the poor and try to live comfortably. But, I dare not rob myself of the joy of letting the poor continue to teach me how to live. But, even if we do sometimes shelter ourselves, even if we do try to hide, if we do get a bit relaxed, life here finds away over and under and through our walls.

I went to church on Sunday to preach and the pastor told me some really hard news. The one and half year old little son of one of the deacons died just that morning, some 10 hours ago. The boy was feeling fine all day and then spiked a few in the late evening. A few hours later, the boy was dead. Crushing. This somewhat different than in the other situations that we have faced in the past few months. It happened so suddenly. It wasn't really preventable. And whats worse, they don't know what it was. Perhaps Malaria or Meningitis. They had the money to get it treated. They are of the wealthier here in Zambia. And then, one of our Zambian co-workers lost his father-in-law yesterday, the same co-worker whose son is sick with a kidney disorder that has left him very sick and in need of three dialysis treatments a week. A young lady came by yesterday to tell us she was pregnant. She is HIV positive and struggling to survive as it is.

These stories continue to shred our comfortable little world. We are grateful for the privilege to minister and even more to be ministered to here in Zambia. Yesterday, as I was driving, I just shook my head in amazement that people have suffered so much for most of my life and I have been so callous and indifferent to it for so many years. Lord, forgive my ignorance and my indifference and my inactivity. Forgive my lack of care for your children, and forgive me for my selfishness. May I live outside my comfort zone so others can know the Comforter.

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