Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Next In-turn

I don't think I could have planned it any better to have been a youth pastor for 9 years and then become a missionary so some of the students who I have had over the years could join me in Africa doing missions. Tyler Dingman, Owen Thompson and now Michelle Widman!!! I knew Michelle from my time at Northlake in Belligham. She was in our youth group during her senior year which was my first year. What an encouragement she was then and still is. She will be working with the HIV/AIDS part of our ministry as well as helping with admin. On the side she will also be teaching pastors the Head and Shoulder's song. Just check out the video below for a fun moment that happened during a middle of a long, hot afternoon teaching pastors in a village in southern Zambia. Enjoy!

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bradwidman said...

Nice work Chell, now you just need to teach them how to do Singing in the Rain!

~Brad .W