Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honor the Queen

We had an amazing day meeting Chieftainess Mwenda near Chikinkata. What a remarkable woman! She is the chief of over 98000 people, leading over 300 other headmen and women and other chiefs. She is very dignified, much like a queen, and yet beautifully and unashamed of her passionate love for Jesus. She was candid and honest with us. She exuded a very gracious spirit and was wise and insightful. Much like what it must be to meet the president or the queen of England, this opportunity was no less thrilling and awe inspiring. We had the opportunity to pray for her and her kingdom, her leaders and her people. I wish I could share more, but some of the things she shared in confidence is best not shared over the blog. Please continue to pray for this woman who I believe has been made a Chieftainess for such a time as this. And may we all be courageous and faithful to proclaim the excellencies of Jesus Christ no matter where life find us.

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