Monday, October 05, 2009

Luther - a new generation “borrowed” this post from our teammate, Karen Singleton… Just wanted to share about a great day we had recently had with the pastors…


Because the pastors in ABI are studying the history of Christian doctrine they viewed a movie about the great Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. To make it a real movie experience Tracy and Steve brought popcorn and softies (soda). As I scooped out popcorn I teased the pastors that I was going to post a picture of them and tell people that all they did was sit around and eat popcorn. Without skipping a beat, one of the pastors wryly replied, "Tell them that when we're eating popcorn we are learning!" Pretty clever, I thought.

Afterwards Tracy led a discussion of the film by asking, "What about this movie impacted you?" Luther's boldness and courage impressed Pastor Kaumba. Even when Martin's life was at stake, he still stood for the truth when he could have been silent. Abusa (Pastor) James Chiwuswa shared an insightful comment about the similiarity of the selling of indulgences and the health and wealth gospel being preached in Zambia. Buying an indulgence in the 1500's was supposed to spring a deceased loved one out of purgatory. James remarked that preachers today in Lusaka tell their people, "Give to me and you'll receive a blessing."

By the way, if you haven't seen this film about Luther portrayed by Joseph Fiennes, it's worth a trip to Blockbusters. Please pray for these pastors as they shepherd their flocks they face difficulties and hardships each day. Pray that they would be bold and courageous like Luther.

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