Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on the money...

I mentioned earlier that I put together an eight week preaching outline with verses and subjects on how to give, spend and save money.  Well, the feedback has been very encouraging. I had a pastor share with me yesterday they were going to be preaching this in three weeks to his church. 


Anyway, a couple of weeks ago during the conversation about money Pastor Mumbi mentioned that he takes the offering each week to the bank by himself.  One of the pastors immediately jumped on that and told him that he didn’t think this was a good idea.   To give it some context, we had been talking about  how most pastors in Zambia were known for stealing money and the reputation of pastors was very, very bad. So, we were talking about how to create safeguards for protecting the reputations of pastors as well as the purity of the gospel.  I even wrote one statement on the handouts: “A pastor should preach with his MOUTH about money, use his MIND to provide safeguards in regards to money (so there can be no accusation against him or the church,) keep his EYES on the money by keeping a record and always overseeing the transactions, but keep his HANDS off the money so that he can keep him above reproach.”


 Well, yesterday, he said, “I have a confession to make. I have changed. I talked with my elders and we all agree that I should not carry the money anymore.”  It was a great moment in our class for many reasons.  Pastor Mumbi is the oldest in our class and is very well respected by all the members of our class and by many people in Zambia. He is a man of integrity and is just a saint in every degree of the word.  Age is very important here in Zambia.  Those who are older are given a great deal of respect.  Also, Zambia culture is not a culture where people often admit their errors. They avoid shame at every opportunity.  Generally, they don’t say sorry, admit they are wrong or show weakness. So, as the elder statesmen, he humbled himself before all of the pastors. What a great example he set, and in doing so, he preached an amazing sermon that I could never have on the importance of accountability, honesty and humility… Praise God!

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