Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three's a (fun) crowd

We have had three great guys here for a week. Pete Williamson is back again, proving you just can’t get enough of Zambia once it gets in the bloodJ  He was here six months ago for a conference and now is exploring some different networks and continuing to build a relationship with AZ. He brought two leaders from his church, Dustin and Geoff, to check out Action Zambia and to prepare the way for the Huckaby’s who will be moving here as missionaries in a hopefully soon time. We are dreaming of cool ways to form a bridge between Bellingam and Zambia.  They all go to Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham where Pete is the pastor.  We have had a great time with lots of laughter but with some serious games of scrabble thrown in.  We head down for their final day to Chikinkata, a small village a couple hours away, to have lunch with the chieftainess of the village…  Maybe Pete will see his snake there!  He wants to see a wild poisonous snake.  I don’t know why either.  Thanks for your prayers!

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