Friday, October 16, 2009

Timing is a God-thing

It’s a bit of a long story, but an amazing one.  One of our pastors that I work with, Pastor Jere, had been praying for many, many years to move his rented church plant to their own plot.  Many times different plots had come available for sale, but they were not able to raise the money.  Another plot came up recently, and the time was ticking away.  Enter into the story, my friend, Pete, who had preached at this church the last time he was here and was just as impressed with Pastor Jere, his leadership and his love for Jesus as I continue to  be.  When I heard about this new plot that would be perfect for their church, I mentioned it to Pete, who mentioned it to a friend, a pastor in Austin, Jacob Vanhorn and his church, Soma Austin.  They, too, are a small church plant, but they raised enough money, $1000, to help Pastor Jere and his church, Valley View Baptist, be able to put a down payment on this land.  They didn’t give all of the money.  The church had sacrificed a lot and definitely felt the cost as they have sacrificed much to help purchase this property. But, with a little boost from a church in the states, they were able to secure the property.  Well, Pete was coming back to Zambia as I mentioned in a previous blog to speak at an Acts 29 conference as well as continue to build relationships with the pastors here.  Well, as God’s timing would have it, Pastor Jere and his church had their first Sunday in their new building the one Sunday he was here, and he was able to preach at the service.  And, uknowningly, he preached from the exact same passage that Pastor Jere preached from five years ago, during the first service of Valley View Baptist.  Needless to say, it was a great morning. 

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