Sunday, November 15, 2009

All's well that ends well

What a day we had a few Saturday’s ago. It was crazy, even for Africa.  It started in the morning. We were planning on going to Adventure City with some missionary friends from the south part of Zambia. They were up doing some important details in Lusaka and were spending the weekend with us.  It actually started even before the weekend, with our friend Rob calling us from five hours south saying that all of southern Zambia is out of diesel.  Well, he found some, thankfully, and made it up here. So, Saturday morning started with a text from my director saying that the meeting on Tuesday was cancelled because of the diesel shortage… DIESEL SHORTAGE?!?!?!? Aughhh…  I recently wrote about a unleaded gas shortage and how amazing it was and how thankful I was that I had diesel… Now, it was our turn (and still their turn!)  So, with only a quarter of tank, we decided that we shouldn’t go to Adventure City. (Which went over really well…J) But, the bigger concern was how was Rob and his family of seven were going to make it back to his house since they didn’t have enough in their tank to make it back.  Well, after a bit of deliberation, we decided to go to Adventure City, since they didn’t have enough fuel to get home, but they did have enough to get around town, and all fit into Rob’s huge cruiser.  Well, it was quite the ordeal getting there as one gas station that did have petrol had a HUGE line which backed up traffic. We stopped at the craft fair to get a few things (just Steph and Christa) and a few minutes later, Jo-Jo threw up,  then when we finally made it to Adventure City…  IT WAS PACKED. There was a line 100 deep outside, and Stephanie went inside to find every square inch of the pool was covered with Zambians, the slides were not working and well, it was mayhem. So, we decided that we would go to a different waterslide park.  (Keep in mind that it is hot… Not super hot, but hot enough…) But, on the way there, we ran into another parking snarl, but this time it was for Diesel. So, we all jumped out, and went to a restaurant and Rob got in line.  To make a long lunch wait short, we got the diesel which was huge, got some lunch, and then headed to the other water park. After finally finding it, Rob and I decided to check it out. There was a lot of loud music, and a lot of Zambians, and though I wasn’t totally comfortable, we decided to give the empty pool a chance. Well, after getting all 10 kids back out of the car, when we got pack to the empty pool, the pool wasn’t empty, as there were 25 or so teenagers hanging in and near the pool, and some Zambians dancing provocatively in the pool and well, we decided to leave, again. Not a good family environment. So, strike two, and we were running out of options.  We decided to get an ice cream at a place called  Creamy Inn. It was also a gas station. I asked when they were getting diesel and he looked at me like I was in the mafia.  In a hushed voice while looking around, he said, “I don’t know.”  We finally went to pool near our house, and I remember leaning back in the cool water, saying “All’s well, that end’s well.”


 In a span of a  week, we have felt the shortage of diesel, water, electricity, pool spaceageJ and patience…  Well, at least we know that the patience is a fruit of the Spirit and that is endless.

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