Thursday, November 05, 2009

Michelle in action...

Michelle Widman has been in Zambia now almost three months as an intern with Action Zambia.  In addition to ministering in the HIV/AIDS ministry and helping at the office, she has also been teaming up with me and two other college students at the expat Bible study at the Baptist mission every Sunday night.  We have three college students and myself teaming up as leaders to teach and make weekly bible studies for these 25 +/- high school and junior high students.  We are studying through the book of Philippians. This last week was her week to write the lesson plan, bring the snack rewards for those who memorized their verses and give a short little five minute devotion of the next week lessons. She did great.  She’s a very gifted young lady!  What a joy it is having her here for this year.  Thought I would share a picture of Michelle in action. 

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