Friday, November 06, 2009


I just wanted to give you a picture of what the staple food here in Zambia. It is spelled Nshima, but it sounds more like sheema.   It is corn (maize) ground very finely. (We couldn’t have Nshima in the states because we don’t ground the corn finely enough.)  They boil it and stir and boil and stir.  Most Zambians eat it two to three times a day with a simple relish (not relish with pickles) like beans, chicken (rare for most), soya, vegetables or kapenta (little whole fish).  Just wanted you to know our world a bit better.  (We eat Nshima at least once a week… It is pretty good, but only with a relish of some sort.)

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Webmaster said...

Looks like grits to me. Mmmmm, I love grits!

Miss you guys!