Sunday, December 27, 2009

Evaluation = Celebration

We just finished up our first year at Action Pastor’s College and I gave a test/evaluation for the students to fill out.  I like to test their skill but also probe a bit to see what it that they are learning and how the material is impacting them. I was encouraged with the evaluation results and I thought I would share with you some of the comments.  It is noteworthy that all of our students are currently pastoring churches. Though it makes for a busy schedule, the things they learn in class have an immediate place for application and practical use.


I asked how the VERITAS modules have helped them (it is  afour module course designed to teach students how to exegete and analyze the Bible for themselves).


Here are some quotes:

“Veritas teachings have helped me to understand the Bible better than before and even preparing the message. It has also helped me to see the important things in every passage I open.”


“Veritas has been vital to me as far as expository sermons is concerned.”


“Veritas has helped me in my ministry more especially in the area of Bible studies and the preparation of sermons and also training of church leaders.”


“Veritas helps me to understand the passage. When I use the exegetical process, preaching becomes a part of me.”


I asked what area of teaching this past quarter has helped the most?

Here is what some of them said:


“The book of Revelation was most helpful to me. Now I have a good understanding of the future things.”


“Revelations. Most the things have been unlocked.”


“To teach and preach from Proverbs and Psalms.”


“The teaching on money has been very helpful to me. Now I have a different perception on money and am looking forward to teaching my church on the same subject.”


“Understanding the book of Revelation in depth and to be able to preach it and share the word of God with other people.”

“The area of teaching that helped me the most is church evaluation.  I know where I am doing well and where I am not doing well and I am very encouraged with this teaching.”


I also shared with them that I will be teaching Homiletics (preaching) next quarter and I asked what areas they needed to grow in the most.

This is what they shared:


“I want to understand how to make outlines of the messages and to make sure that I don’t leave the people behind as I preach.”


“Preaching is what I do every Sunday and my desire is that you assist me to remain dedicated to this ministry and some techniques that I need for it.”


“How to deliver a sermon series.”


“What is the most effective way to preach to the unsaved and I need help with sermon structure.”


“How can we apply the message to today?”


So, just wanted to publicly thank God for his faithfulness and help  this past year. As is true for most teachers, I have learned more this year than I have taught.  I can’t wait to dig into a series on preaching.


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