Sunday, December 06, 2009

Should we FIGHT them or EMBRACE them?

(This is Stephanie guest bloggin'). The rains have finally come to Zambia, and when it rains, it really rains. There are many wonderful things that come with the rain. First of all, the brown turns green again. They are rejoicing in the new life. Secondly, the ever-present layer of dust is removed from all possible surfaces in the house. Granted it is quickly replaced by wet, muddy, floors, but I'll take that over the dust. Then, there are the not so pleasant things that come with the rains. In most houses around town, they are the ants and the flies. The ants I'm referring to are what we might call fruit ants. They are the little tiny guys that move in armies. Really, these creatures are a wonder to behold. When we take the time to study them they are really an example of teamwork and persistence. The ants are really always here, they just come inside when it rains because they have no other way to find food outside. But, they need to make themselves at home, so they very steadily bring in pieces of sand to build ant hills inside the house. You think the anthills aren't really all that attractive in your bathroom so you sweep them away, only to have them return and begin building again the next day. I could go on about the ants because I'm quite fascinated by them.
After living in Zambia for a total of 20 months now I've learned a few things regarding my mindset and how it helps me to cope with life in a 3rd world foreign culture. I've realized that there is no possible way for me to come here and change the way things have always been done. If I try to fight the way things are done I end up so frustrated. If I try to lighten-up and just embrace the way things are, and allow myself to laugh often, I really feel much more at peace.
My question for you is: Should I embrace the ants or fight the ants?

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