Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Born to be Wild

On the way back from our vacation way up north, we saw a turtle on the road
and decided that he (or she, for that matter) needed an owner. So, we put
him in between the racks and brought him to our house. The first night we
put him in the yard and didn't see him for many, many weeks until Mwape
found him. We put him in a wire mesh thing and it was great for about a day.
And he was gone again, having eaten through the wire. So, I had the youth
group that I work with over last week and I said, "The first one to find him
gets 50,000 (about $10). Well, two young ladies found him, brought him to a
new and improved fence, and here he is completely vertical trying
desperately to get out. And the next day someone left the gate open, and
GONE! Kamryn asked me, "He has such a nice big area to eat and be in. Why
does he always need to get outside?" I thought it was a good question.
Maybe we should ask Adam and Eve, and David and Jacob and many others the
same question. And really, why we are at it, why don't we ask myself the
same question. God has given me everything I need, boundaries in His Word
that are spacious and beautiful, a relationship with God that is unhindered
and grace-filled and still I am doing all I can to be free... Why do I
always want to run?


jasonbradley said...

I love this post Steve - I am a closet reader of your blog and haven't commented before, but loved this one!

The McDowell Clan - TN Branch said...

A cool story Steve, with an even better application. :)