Thursday, January 07, 2010

I need to warn you that this blog is heartbreaking on so many levels. My
friend and pastor in my class, Alfred, (the one in the green jacket) has had
a "Job" type year and it hit a very hard low a few days after Christmas when
his firstborn daughter committed suicide. The week before his wife has a
very serious stroke and it was certified miracle that she survived (She has
also had many difficult health situations). A few months before that, this
same firstborn daughter, lost her youngest child to a sudden death. The
firstborn daughter left a five year old boy and now Alfred and his wife will
be parenting this child. He was robbed twice of his tools and capital for
his welding/building business, costing him approximately a year's wages and
he has literally been living on faith. His other daughter was deathly ill
this year. It has been so painful and humbling to watch him go through this
very difficult year. We meet on Thursdays and he continues to find ways to
be thankful, to acknowledge God's sovereignty, in very, very difficult
times. When I saw Alfred's wife, the first thing she said to me was, "God
is gracious." I share this with you to hopefully give you some perspective
to your difficult times. This is not necessarily a typical year for Zambians
but more common than not. I also share it to ask you to pray for Alfred.
Please pray that as God did restore to Job health physically, financially
and family, that he would do the same for this humble, loving, thankful
pastor. And please pray for us, as we do our best to encourage and come
alongside these families.

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