Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks Tyler for giving us a room

I wasn't sure how else to title a blog of thanks to my young intern who:
Initiated a sweet inner-remodel of our training center when he was here,
Raised money to help with the costs,
Took a bunch of awesome pictures that we were able to post on the wall,
AND, got the computer desk idea going and trained the pastors so they could
use them.

Whew, what a busy intern. (Not that Owen didn't totally help also, he did,
but in different ways! I love you, Owen and I'll dedicate a blog to you

So, I just wanted to try and communicate how sweet it was to see the pastors
walk in totally surprised by the amazing pictures on the wall of them
preaching, praying, ministering, etc... First of all, they don't have
pictures here. Very few have cameras, and so they don't really take pictures
or have them around their house. So, to see themselves in 16x20 or 8x11 was
really striking I think, especially candid pictures instead of the normal
pictures where they stand and don't smile for the camera:) They laughed.
They pointed out themselves and made fun of others. It was really, really
cool. Our goal is to continue to add pictures of ministry as we visit
pastors preaching and so on.

So, thanks Tyler for being a catalyst to help us into creating an
environment that encourages and motivates.

Now just hurry up and get back here :)

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