Monday, February 08, 2010

And the Saints came marching in at 1:30am

This won't be the most spiritual post, but I thought you would get a chuckle
out of the fact that I got up at 1:30 am to watch the Saints humble the
Colts live over here in Zambia. Brent, his son Caleb, a Zambian friend, Alex
and myself fought through the bleariness, sleepiness and tiredness of being
awake at sleeping hours to have a little sports fix. My first live game of
the year was the last game of the year and it was a good one. I wanted the
Saints all the way.

But, to be honest, just in case you who know me are wondering how I am doing
without sports, I just need to report to ya'll that, well, I am o.k. I am
o.k. with missing every game this year. I am o.k. that I don't know all the
stats and figures. I am o.k. that I am a little clueless about the ins and
outs. For a guy who never missed a game when I was home, I have to be
honest and say that I am alright without football. I missed it, of course, I
still checked the scores and stuff. But, even that lost a bit of it luster.
Now that the year is done, and I look back over the 16X4= 65+ hours I saved
(or all the hours I wasted during my previous years) and I think, Hmm...
There is something about being free of football that does a soul good. I
realize that life goes on and you know, I'm o.k. Now, will I still feel that
way if I had football available to me every week? I hope so. Not that
football is bad, but it isn't life. I would have never thought that there
was life outside of football. But, now I know. And, just in case you didn't
know, there is. I am a living, breathing testimony and proof of that. And
what is even better, there ain't any post-football I-can't-wait-until-fall
blues to deal with either:)

It was interesting (and a bit humbling) watching the "Super Bowl" with a
Zambian. You just get a rather embarrassing outside/inside look at your
culture, your entertainment, and the things Americans value by the
commercials and the half-time entertainment and watching all your fellow
American dress and act like life is all about football. Like for example,
it is pretty funny to hear them say "World Champion New Orleans Saints" when
America is the only country that "Football" is played. Most have no clue
what it is or why we call it football (You throw it, you run with it, and
only 10% do you actually use your foot.) It was funny as we had to explain
the game to Alex. You had to wonder what he was thinking. Anyway, it was
worth getting up, just to say I did. It was a great game and I enjoyed it.
And now, life that is life goes on...

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