Monday, February 01, 2010

I promise you will smile

From Ciyanjano

From Ciyanjano

Last week while we were out in Kasupe near Ciyanjano (our conference center) with the Guffey's doing the HIV/AIDs talk at the church, we also had a short time after which we took some pictures of the children in the church playing at Ciyanjano. We are moving ahead very quickly with many great things in preparation of opening our facility for conferences and camps for pastors, churches and children. We wanted people to get a good picture of all that this place was going to be used for, especially in light of the potential of the children's ministry, and I think this video does that very well. Whereas Brad as the doctor spoke and really ministered to the church using his gift of speaking and medical knowledge, Christi, his wife, used her gift of photography to really bring alive the faces and expressions of these precious children. And, last but not least, with my friends over at also using their amazing gifts to make incredible videos, I promise that it will be best five minutes of your day! So, hit that little triangle button and be prepared to smile. Resistance is futile :)

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