Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Missionaries having fun *gasp*

Well, I don't know what kind of stereotype you have built up for people who
are missionaries, but we do have fun every once in awhile! Take this last
Saturday, the day before Valentine's Day, we did a progressive dinner where
we started at the Hilty's and had appetizers, then to the Singletons where
we had soup and then to the Roberts where we had salad and then to our house
where we had steak and potatoes and then to Whitfields for some dessert...
Yeah, we are a wild and crazy bunch. We even played games at each house,
like Name that Romantic Song at our house and Cranium and the Whitfields and
Battle of the Sexes at the Singleton's and this nickname game at the
Hilty's. Needless to say we ate well and had a good time. It is nice to
relax every once in awhile!

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