Friday, February 26, 2010

Now that is some good preaching...

I remember when I was in speech class and I had to watch myself or listen to
myself after I gave my speech. It was always a shock to hear my voice or see
my mannerisms. But, it was a good shock, because you learned how you need to
stop saying "Ummm" a million times or that you need to slow down or that you
probably shouldn't pick your nose during your message, stuff like that.
Well, I am recording each of the pastors and then they are watching them
before class and evaluating themselves. It has been fun to watch their
response to themselves and to see how they could improve and to see how they
rate themselves on the sermon evaluation sheet. Overall, they all seem
pretty encouraged with seeing themselves on TV for the first time. I guess
they feel like the big time:)

On another note, I had a great conversation yesterday with a pastor about
the preaching class. One shared how new this material is and yet how
important it is for helping them preach the Bible. He said all pastors in
Zambia learn to preach the same way, and the way that he is learning is so
much more helpful. He said, "I can't wait until I get to teach this to other
pastors." I think that is the point:)

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