Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planting a Church for the farmers

This last Sunday I spent the morning out in Chisamba, a good hour plus
outside of Lusaka where one of our pastors, John Chitambo, is planting a
church. This is a very, very rural area where farming is the source of
survival for most of the people there. The closest clinic to this area is a
29 kilometer walk and they have 600 students which attend this four room
schoolhouse that church meets in. The church that John attends in Lusaka
decided to plant a church out here and John was asked to lead the effort.
What a blessing it was to be a part of this morning. One, because there was
no church before and now there is. That is just significantly cool. But
then, to hear John preach was encouraging because he really preached great
and used the structure which I am teaching them in class. I could tell that
he was encouraged by Rhoda and I joining him as well. There is a real
genuine excitement for this church and I can tell that John is in his
element. Please pray for this church as it is just about 5 months old, that
they would grow strong and be a source of great encouragement to these
church members, but also be able to reach the surrounding areas. We in
ACTION Zambia are already talking about taking the Jesus Film out there some
Saturday to show the film and then invite people to a church service the
next day.

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