Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When you can't persevere

Well, the running continues.  And not just for me, but also for Stephanie.  She is doing some running but also brutalizing her body with this workout video thing.  Last weekend, she was so sore she could hardly move.  As I mentioned in my previous email, you can’t hurry perseverance, and that goes for working out as well.  You can’t build muscles overnight, and if we press too hard, our body reacts violently to make us pay for making it  pay.


 And this is also true sometimes in life, the trials that help build us up and make us stronger to do things tomorrow that we couldn’t do today come heavy and fast and leave us unable to move and function and live the same way we lived before. Such was the case with Father Ngoma and his wife after losing their baby.  Sure, in time, as they press into the Lord and seek His comfort, as they trust Him, and allow this trial to work out the good that God promises to those who love Him, they will see the how God uses them in this trial. But, for now, they are hurting, big time.  Especially, Father Ngoma’s wife.  How do we deal with these life-altering, life-crashing, life-rocking trials?  It is one thing to be a bit sore as life deals you a bad day, some aches and pains, but when life brings pain that is like a wave that crashes over the top of you, what do you do?   And how do we help people who are going through these trials?  Well, we can pray for them, love on them, spend time with them, listen to them and walk with them.  And you can do like Jim and Summer did, friends of ours from the states, in emailing me a note of prayer for them. 


Wow.  We will be lifting up the Ngoma family.  I pray that they would find comfort in knowing that around the world, there are brothers and sisters who are holding their broken hearts up to the Lord and begging Him to bring them peace and comfort; that they would be able to be still and know that HE is GOD.  He is El Shaddai-- all sufficient.  Elohim-- Creator, preserver, mighty and strong.  Jehovah-Rophe-- the God who heals.  Jehovah-Shalom-- the God of peace.  Eyaluth-- the God of Strength.  I pray that they will find peace that this God is their God and He will be all of these things for them.  


Summer & Jim


I printed out the letter and gave it to Father Ngoma. He was very encouraged.  And it got me thinking, what if I had more of my friends in the states send me notes that I could print off and give to him?  If they could know that there are people around the world, literally, who are remembering him and his church and his family, I believe that would greatly encourage their spirits. Most of us will probably never be able to understand the depth of pain and loss, but we can be obedient to the Bible and mourn with those who mourn…   And, so, here I am, asking you, if you feel led, to write a letter to encourage my friend and student, a wonderful Zambian pastor Nathan Ngoma and his wife.  Could you write a letter to this amazing guy who pastors a church here, helps oversee a clinic for the poor,  and gives and gives and gives.  If you would, you could either just email me back if you got this letter by email or send it to my email (I am coding it to prevent spammers):  allens(.a.t.)aliveinafrica(the little dot thing)com. Thank you so much.    


How about I say, that you can send emails until March 1…??!!?!


Thanks for remembering those and feeling the pain of those across the world…



Steve Allen

Action Zambia


“Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen." Revelation 7:12


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