Monday, March 15, 2010

Ciyanjano in Action

I was invited by Pastor Simuyemba (a pastor from my class) to come and teach
the youth from his church at conference being held at Ciyanjano Centre. It
was an amazing experience. One, to be at our own facility and seeing
firsthand how needed and appreciated this kind of retreat location is was
encouraging. The students couldn't say enough about how much they loved
being at a place that was quiet and beautiful and out of the chaos of the
compounds. It helped me really gain a sense of urgency about the need to
continue to develop it so more and more people can benefit from this place.
Second, I love speaking at camps. So many years of camp speaking brought me
back a bit and I was in my beloved element. And third, I spoke on the Holy
Spirit and it seemed as if God had pre-ordained this talk as one lady shared
afterwards that they had been asking questions during the sessions before
and I answered all of them. (Not only did I not know what questions were
asked, I also didn't know they were speaking of the Holy Spirit.) So, it
was just a great, great, great time. I was talking with the pastor
afterwards and he was delighted with our time there. He and his wife were
fasting for the entire conference and so I was encouraged that he was
encouraged. (The youth also fasted that day as well.) If you have a love
for camps and you want to get involved in helping us in our building phase,
go to this website: and see if you can't partner with us
in this journey.

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