Monday, March 08, 2010

Saturday in Stench

You may have already seen Kamryn's blog about the yuckiness of our last
Saturday. Our hearts are heavy for our director Tim and his wife Andrea as
the waters flooded them out of their house. What was worse was the water
flooding their septic system and left us having to move them out in very
smelly, difficult circumstances. It was great to come alongside our friends
as a team and it was amazing how it all came together. Consequently, Tim
and Andrea are looking for a new house to move. Please be praying for them.
It has been a difficult week for them, with a scary oil fire, Andrea being
pregnant, Andrea's grandma dying, evacuating their beloved house with no
notice at all, shifting to a temporary 1 bedroom house with a sick child,
all while hosting Tim's parents who just arrived yesterday for three weeks.
This is typical Africa experience, except it is usually spread out over at
least a few months. So, pray for them that God would provide a house for
them in a very quick, miraculous way and grant them grace to sustain them
through it all! Thanks!

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