Friday, April 30, 2010

Shucking corn

We visited Rhoda's old orphanage and when we got there they were shucking
corn. Well, actually not as you would normally think about it. They do take
the outer layer off, but they then proceed to remove each kernel of the
dried corn. They will then take all the corn to the hammer mill where it
will grind it in to a flour they call mealie. It is the staple food here in
Zambia. So, the kids didn't even wait to be asked and began to unkernel the
corn as fast as they could. It was a fun experience for our kids and it was
cool to see the full process of corn to mealie. Davern, the director, is a
hard worker and he is doing all he can to get the orphanage to the point
that it is economically sustainable. Growing corn is the first step in that

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J and J McDowell said...

What an awesome experience! And how special that you are able to visit Rhoda's old orphanage. We love reading about your families adventures!!