Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hi is better than bye

Well, my girls saw off their great friends, The Collins, last Friday. It was
a tear-full event as you can imagine. Bradyn said as she fought back tears,
"IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO SAY HI THAN BYE!" And Julia, with fire flashing in
her eyes said, "Why does time go by so fast when you are with people you are
having fun with? It's not fair." I hugged on them and loved them and got a
bit choked up watching the sadness as they contemplated having to wait
another bunch of months before they could see their friends again. We had a
full two weeks and we and they were blessed more than we could imagine... We
are now in recovery mode as my tired bunch of kids and their parents had a
resting weekend which is good because school starts tomorrow!

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Natasha said...

Steve - I've been following your blog - Ben M. sent me the link a while ago.
Great looking bunch you've got there! Did you adopt a boy and a girl? We adopted a ten and a half year old girl last year (from Ukraine), she's now eleven and a half, only 3 months older than our Ryan, who is our first. We also have a 5 (almost 6) year old.
Wanted to leave a comment - sometimes it feels like I'm spying on people! :)
Natasha Jones