Friday, May 07, 2010

So encouraged...

As we were leaving our preaching conference today, Pete said, "Well, you can
live two weeks on that kind of a morning." So true. I am doing an
experiment. On the Fridays in May, from 9-12pm, I am leading a preaching
conference for pastors in the Garden, Mandevu and Chaisa area. Just four
weeks. Three hours a day. I teach on preaching at the beginning for an
hour and then two of my ACTION Pastor's preach from Colossians the structure
of what I have been teaching. The goal was twofold: to help pastors
outside the class continue to refine their preaching skills and
understanding as well as give our ACTION Pastors a chance to show and tell
how they have learned how to preach in our class. I can't quite put into
words how amazing the morning went. What a blessing to see both Patson and
Alfred preaching their hearts out with confidence and passion and joy. They
have improved so much from when they preached in class. I felt like a proud
father watching my sons hit it out of the park.

It is very common that Zambians do not really listen to Zambians due to
jealousy and rivalry. They will only listen to Mzungus. But, today, these
pastors and leaders and colleagues embraced my pastors and encouraged them
and learned from them. I received a text from a pastor who attended who
wrote: "Steve, thank God for your teachings that you are equipping pastors.
The messages today was very touching. Some were weeping as God and so was I.
God bless you as you labor in the kingdom." What a blessing to not only
teach pastors how to preach but watch as our pastors deeply touched these
men with powerful words from the Word of God. It has been our goal all
along to work ourselves out of a job, to build and mentor these pastors so
that they will not only carry on the ministry but train others as well.
Today when Patson was preaching, he was speaking of difficulties and
hardships that "WE" go through. I leaned over to Pete and said, "Did you
hear that? WE! That is why we train these pastors because only Zambians can
truly know the difficulties that they go through." Our commitment to these
15 pastors is a very slow, long work. Week after week, you pour out your
heart teaching and praying and listening and meeting with these men. If you
compare it to a tree, there has been lots of planting and watering and
sowing. Today, I saw some fruit and boy was it good. I wanted to publicly
praise God for a very encouraging morning...

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Unknown said...

Great to hear this exciting news, Steve. It is wonderful that you have had this taste of the "fruit" of your efforts. Keep up the great work. Brian Stewart, ACTION USA