Sunday, May 02, 2010

Two become one...

One of the pastors in our group, Alfred Mwanza, has been pastoring two
congregations over the past year. The church he started in his home he has
put under the authority of a young man (and Pastor Alfred also left his wife
there for a time), while he pastors another church about 45 minute walk from
his house which doesn't have a pastor. It has been difficult as you can
imagine. Pastor Alfred has been training up two young men who he hopes will
eventually take over the second church. I encouraged him at some point to
have a shared service and that I would pay for transportation to get the
second church over to the first church, his house. Well, he took me up for
it and today was that day. Though I arrived a bit late to help care for the
family as my wife wasn't feeling very good, I thoroughly enjoyed their
enjoyment of the service. It was packed out with a bunch of kids, some
older folks and a plethora of young people in the service. I got up before
the service to give my greeting and encouraged them out of Mark 9 about how
welcoming children, welcomes Jesus. There was probably 40 kids in the
service. Some are children of the adults, some were from the neighborhood
and some were from the community school they started.

Pastor Alfred got up next and preached a great message on the importance of
the Word of God. I was so encouraged. He did the structure that was taught
in class perfectly, and he spoke with illustration, personal stories and
passion. (He spoke English and a young man translated.) And then he asked
me to speak again! So, after seeing many young men and women, I got up to
share about leadership and the importance of being humble. I felt God gave
me some great words to share with them that they are the next generation,
Alfred is all about training up the next generation, but you must be humble,
to learn, to be a servant of all, that the way up is down... I was
encouraged by their lively response.

Overall, I was just very encouraged by the fun they were having in church. I
don't think I have quite seen the laughter, dancing and joy that I was
seeing this morning and it made me realize that Psalm 100 - Serve the Lord
with Gladness really needs to look a lot more like this on Sunday

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