Monday, May 31, 2010

Well, we told you that we had chickens but we wanted to show not only the
chickens in the cool cage but also the end result, fried over easy! I am
sorry to say that the chicken's have not yet thanked me for delivering them
from their tiny cages to this spacious portable cool coop that they now
reside in. We are enjoying the 6-7 eggs we get every day from our chickens.
Starting to feel a bit like a farmer. Well, no not really. Patson and
Alfred, a couple of our pastors from our program are both construction type
people and the other day asked if I had any ideas on how they could become
self-sufficient in a job so they could focus on their ministry. Well, I
suggested this idea of a portable self-contained chicken coop that I saw at
a friend's house. So, ours was the guinea pig so to speak. They built it
from scratch. And then, my landlord saw ours and bought one as well. So,
two down and a lot more needed. But, it is a start! And we are loving our
little chickens. We move them every day to a different part of the yard and
they feed on chicken food and poor little insects. And we never need to buy

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