Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just call me coach, at least one hour a week.

I have a buddy here, Todd Meyer, who is the head of the P.E. department at
the local Lusaka International Community School. Our girls go there during
the week for after school activities. Anyway, they had a need for a
basketball coach and he asked me to come and coach, once a week for one hour
at a time and he asked me if I would come and help out. I said yes and so
once a week, for an hour, I make the 3 minute trek up to the school and
coach a bunch of guys who have never played basketball. It has been a great
experience so far. This quarter is just about teaching them how to play
(i.e. dribble, shoot, pass) and the next quarter, after August, we will play
games on only three weekend in the fall. I have been looking for an
opportunity to get involved in the community a bit and it has been fun to
coach basketball again.

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