Monday, June 21, 2010

Praying for the World (Cup)

My family has begun to attempt to pray for the World by praying for the teams in the morning who are playing that day. We prayed for Spain this morning. You have to imagine that God is hearing many requests that their team would win the World Cup, but I’m guessing he probably cares a whole lot more about the souls that are won by Christians and missionaries. So, as you root on the good ‘ole USA or whoever you like, why not spend a few minutes every day lifting up the countries that are playing… If you don’t know much about the countries, is a great resource. You just click the continent and then select the country. If you don’t know what continent it is in, don’t tell anyone J and click on Wikipedia. Lastly, you could always just type in “Pray for North Korea” or whatever country and you are bound to get a bunch of resources. Perhaps you could just start small and pray for one… Start small and you’ll eventually cover them all! (I made that rhyme up on the spot, yeah, thanks a lot!) You still have a few more days at 3 games each, and then when they move to the quarterfinals and finals, keep praying… Who knows, it may end up being a habit. I am hoping that for our family! (and for the schedule of the rest of games, just type world cup schedule 2010 on google).

So, playing today is:

Portugal vs. Korea DPR

Chile vs. Switzerland

Spain vs. Honduras

And playing tomorrow:

22 June

Mexico vs. Uruguay

France vs. South Africa

Nigeria vs. Korea Republic

Greece vs. Argentina

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