Friday, June 11, 2010


The church we have been attending over the past year and a half,
International Baptist, is pastored by Mishek Zulu who is also a teacher at
Twin Palms Baptist. The worship leader at our church, Richard Daka, is also
a student at this seminary. Anyway, there are connections and this week I
spent four mornings over there speaking during the chapels at Spiritual
Emphasis week. My theme for the week was: REMEMBER - Learning to live what
we already know. I thought rather than summarize, I would try blogging
through what I taught at a later time. It was really a great week. I love
when I get a chance to preach and to be able to teach through a theme to
these students was honestly one of the most fun things I could do with my
time. Needless to say, it has been a good week. Today, the last day, they
were kind to give me a little gift to say thanks. Thought I would share a
few pictures as I don't normally take pictures of myself while speaking, but
one of the missionaries was kind enough to share a few pictures of me in
action. While this missionary, Franklin Kilpatrick, was burning the CD for
me, I was able to hear a bit about his story. He has been a missionary for
40 years. It made my morning hearing his stories and getting some good life
insight... Check out for some insight into his
life... Anyway, a good week!

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