Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sports re-memorabilia

With the exception of the World Cup this past month, I am pretty much
sportsless here in Zambia. They love their football and follow it
religiously, following the teams in ENGLAND:( But, don't you worry about
me... I have lots of local sports memorabilia reminding me of what I am
missing back in the states. I saw this little boy wearing a sweet Ichiro
jersey and yesterday I saw an old school yellow Sonics jersey #34 in the
compounds... Figuring it was a throw back with Ray Allen. Still looking for
my Seahawks Super Bowl Champion shirt. I did see a 19-0 Perfect Season New
England Super Bowl shirt a bunch of months ago... Speaking of sports, I am
sorry you have all had to deal with Lebrongate. Wow. Maybe, I am not
missing so much after all.

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