Friday, July 16, 2010

Starting next showing

We just left probably 300 people and a powerful time of ministry. We are now setting up the next show. There are probably already 250 kids waiting for us to set it up ona football pitch. Crazy and cold here. Feel like I am living in New Testament times. Keep praying... please!

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Sharon said...

I have enjoyed landing on your page and seeing a glimpse of your journey in Zambia. I read through several months of your time there. I love what you're doing! I've been to Malawi and I'll have to admit that I love the African people! How precious they are! It was several years ago since I've been, but was a hard place to leave. We were only there for a couple of weeks, my husband and I both cried when we left. I always thought that one day we'd actually grab our children and move back.... it hasn't happened yet.... nor do I seriously see it in the forecast. Instead of Africa, God has placed me in the prisons instead. Who would have thought, but Him?! :) I love that He's got lots of work to do everywhere and that He calls us to join Him! It's an honor to serve, a privilege! Even in hard, there's such a thrill in serving! Your family of girls are beautiful! No doubt they are learning lots and you all are being internally and eternally blessed because of your sacrificing hearts and love to share and show Jesus. May God do great things in Zambia! And may the Seed that ya'll are planting grow greater than your minds could ever imagine. May God's Good News reach to all the ends of the earth!

from a sister in the states blessings to you and yours,