Sunday, July 18, 2010

A walk in the Garden

I dropped off my car at the mechanic last week and so I needed to take the
mini-bus home and ended up going for a walk in THE Garden compound last
week. I was trying to get home via mini-bus, but they were all full. So, I
hopped in a taxi going to Garden, and then got dropped off in Garden. I
waited for awhile for another mini-bus, with no luck, so I decided to walk
to a different location, hoping to get a bus. As I walked the kilometer
through the heart of the city, I took some pictures. It was a bit surreal,
walking with not a Mzungu anywhere at all to be seen. I think most people
did a pretty good job of not looking like they were staring at me. It is
so good to go walking every so often because it really gives you a good
insight into the normal life of a Zambian. I never did get a mini-bus. I
ended up caving in and forking over the kwacha for a taxi so I could get
home for dinner.

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