Sunday, July 04, 2010

Worth Celebrating...

Well, today is worth celebrating for many reasons, and I am not talking about the 4th of July in America!  Last year on this day, little Jennifer Rhoda Allen moved into the Allen House. It has been quite a year of firsts and ups and downs.  As you may have known, Rhoda was placed in an orphanage a couple years ago after being abandoned in a compound near our house.  The adoption became official just this spring.  We are also celebrating her birthday (given by us) to commeorate her coming into our house.  Well, we were going to celebrate that today until someone at a government office messed up the paperwork, and gave her July 5th as her birthday:)  So, we are celebrating tomorrow, too!  Oh, and one more celebration. She lost her first tooth and loved the kwacha, but was a bit unnerved by this tooth fairy scenario.  Anyways, she is looking forward to meeting her extended family and friends this November as we come home for a shortened furlough until January.

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