Thursday, August 26, 2010

A conversation worth having

Well, we head south tomorrow to run a ½ marathon on Sunday.  Why would anyone run a ½ marathon, you ask? Oh, well, we are running a ½ marathon to raise money for Ciyanjano Conference Center.  What is Ciyanjano conference center? Oh, good question.  Yeah, it is our conference center we are developing for camps for children and churches here in Zambia.  So, how are you raising money?  Wow, another good question.  We are asking friends and family to support us by donating tax-deductible money for an eternal-ductible cause.  How do you give? Well, it is easy.  You just follow the directions below… How much do you want us to give?  Well, (blush) whatever you feel you can give. Is $5 dollars to little? No way.  Give $3 if you want. Give $21. Give $17. Give $1093.  Whatever you have to give, we would really appreciate. Can you give like right now? Absolutely. Just aim. Click. Type. And hit send! 



If you want to do it via credit card,  here is the link!


If you want to send in a check, here is the address:

USA Office

c/o Ciyanjano Marathon Fund Raiser
Mailing Address
PO Box 398
Mountlake Terrace, WA


Thanks for asking!

Steve and Stephanie


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