Sunday, August 22, 2010


We have been missing Mexican food really bad here in Zambia. There are no
Mexican restaurants anywhere. Nada. That was until two weeks ago. A friend
of a friend opened a new restaurant called the Revolucion. They did a
beautiful job making it with adobe and just creating a real oasis here in
Lusaka. It is just 5 minutes from our house and best of all, they built it
with the purpose of helping Zambians. It is part of an organization called,
"Teach me to Fish" or something like that, helping Zambians learn skills to
give them jobs in the future. Their plan is to have it open for Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner and offer free wireless which is UNHEARD of here in
Zambia... We had a fun family affair with our friends, the Guffey's. Nice
to get out every so often!

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