Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Mocha" Bwanji

Greetings family and friends,

Learning a language is tough business, especially when one is hearing impaired like myself.  So, whenever a Cinyanja word has a similar sound as a word I already know, I capitalize on it… The words for “Good morning” in Cinyanja are” Mauka Bwanji” which is pronounced, almost literally, “Mocha” Bwanji.  And,  as I look out my window at yet another beautiful day, with a hot cup of my decaf coffee warming up my cold body, I hereby shout out to ya’ll in Starbucks America - “Mocha Bwanji!”  And it is possible that many of you will be reading this letter during the morning with a steaming cup of joe in your hands. Maybe you are at Starbucks, or maybe you are sitting at home in front of your computer. Maybe it isn’t a steaming cup of coffee but a mocha over ice.  Whatever your choice, coffee and morning just kind of go, hand in hand. 


Alright, are you sitting down?  I have a question, nay, more a challenge, a type of fast, that I would like to ask you to partner with us in.  Stephanie and I are running a half marathon on August 29th in Zimbabwe to raise money for Ciyanjano, (click for website link) our conference center which ACTION Zambia is building to serve the churches, pastors and orphans that we work with and the greater church in Zambia. We are sooooo close, but we need your help to raise the money needed to complete this project.  There are a bunch of us missionaries (click for website link) heading down for this event to hopefully raise a huge chunk of change so we can build bunk beds, bring in the water line, build a playground and much, much more… 


So, I am on my figurative knees asking you to join with us… 


Here is the challenge! 


Would you give up your coffee for 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes…


Here is how I see it playing out:

7 days x $3.00ish = $21ish…


Would you donate $21 dollars to help us out? 

If 5 people gave $21, we would be in the hundreds.

If 10 people gave, boom, $200’s.

And on and on from there we can go…


So, 7 days with no Mocha so that many Zambians can say “Mauka Bwanji” at their, most likely, first camp they have ever attended. 


Who is with us?


Here is the link to donate online!


Please email me if you are in!

(Now, if you aren’t a coffee person, it goes without saying that this coffee fast can easily be a burger, Blizzard (ah, miss this blizzards), Krispy Kreme, or egg McMuffin fast as well! J


Thanks so much!

Steve and Stephanie



Steve Allen




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