Sunday, August 08, 2010

Northlake update

Just wanted to share some more pictures of our Northlake team doing their
ministry thing...

This past few days was great in so many ways:

One, to see this church "Redeemed Church of God" that is bordering our
property (and which three of our workers serve in leadership positions at
the church) have their first Awana children's program. (Pictures don't do
justice of the enthusiasm and fun that was had!)

Second, to see our Northalkers helping out and getting involved was great.
In addition, Sherrill did a great job on the counseling time and Diana was
in her element leading a few games.

Third, to see the many adults and children in the village hearing the noise
and fun-screaming going on, and then coming over to watch what was going on.
Awana is so strategic in many ways, especially in attracting non-church
people in rural areas such as this one.

Fourth, to get a preview of how important a place like Ciyanjano Conference
center is in providing a retreat center for children like these. From the
Nsaka meeting area to the chalets to the football pitch, I am even more
convinced of the blessing this place will be to youth (and adults) for years
to come.

Fifth, what a joy it was to see the bond that happened between AWANA Zambia
and the Northlake Short Term Team. Really cool and I am even more
encouraged and excited about the job that AWANA Zambia is doing in Zambia.
Great to partner with ministries like this one to reach children for Christ.

So, anyway, praise God for all the good that God is doing...

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