Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1/2 Marathon Adventure, continued...

I promised a more detailed updated of our marathon weekend that went by
like a sprint (why is it that vacations without children seem to pass on
warp speed?) Our weekend was full of experiences. Getting down there, we
all took the bus. Actually both ways. It was brilliant. Half the cost. And a
nice, readable, relaxing, napping time! We crossed the border in no time.
We had a really nice first evening, watching an amazing sunset as we enjoyed
a really nice dinner. I had a few firsts in the eating department this
weekend: Crocodile, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl and Warthog... Yummy in the tummy!
We stayed the weekend in a dormitory at a camp ground. Yes, we actually
stayed in a boys/girls separate dormitory for a cool $11 dollars a person.
(So nice to see a familiar green paper again.) I was feeling a bit old to
be staying in a dormitory, but we wanted to save money since this weekend
was about receiving money and not spending it... God had mercy, and it was
just us and a nice Irish chap for the first night for the fellas. The ladies
had three other housemates, but all was good for everyone. The second
night was cool too. We had six Zimbabwe men stay with us who were in the
race. One of them had run a marathon best of 2 hours and 14 minutes, which
is like running a 4:20 minute mile for 26 miles. The guy was small and all
muscle. The other guys were in the disabled race. Really humbling talking to
them. They ate bananas for dinner.

We wanted to do something during Saturday that we couldn't do with kids.
Bunjie jump? Sky Diving? Paragliding? Rafting? Uh, no. Sitting by the pool,
relaxing and talking all day. YES! The fellas spent Saturday talking by
the pool and playing cards. The girls went shopping and then laid by the
pool. A perfect day! The race was fun. There was about 300 people and the
atmosphere was fun, and we had a great time talking with everyone. I saw a
baboon, and a huge Baobob tree that they call "the big tree! (creative, I
know). All of us heartily agreed that this race should be our FIRST annual
"Kilometers for Kids" and we are already making plans for next year's race.
Maybe you are a runner and are interested in this challenge? You have a
year to plan and start training...Thank you to the many who joined us in
this project.

As for the pictures: from top right to left...
Dinner out and the waterhole that we watched a herd of Elephants eat at
while we ate... Amazing. The guys in wheelchairs who stayed in our
dormitory. One of them had a best marathon time of 1 hour 30 minutes. Yeah,
amazing! The big tree! The girls at the starting line and us buying Pizza
after the race:) Our proving that we really made it to Zimbabwe. And the
mist from the falls with the sun behind it as we ran. Met a guy from North
Carolina, 72 years young, who ran the marathon which was his 7th marathon in
7 continents. And us walking before dawn to the race line.

Thanks again for all your support!

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