Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coach Allen

I may have mentioned that I am coaching a U-15 (under 15) basketball team
at the local international school just 3 minutes from our house. We had our
first tournament and I feel pretty pumped to be able to say that as a coach
in Zambia, I am undefeated. We won the first game (10 minute games) 13-2 and
the second game 4-2:) The guys were pumped. The courts were outdoor and
pictures don't justice on how hard the winds were blowing. It actually
worked out to our advantage because my guys can't shoot very well. Actually,
it was very encouraging to see how far the guys have come during my one hour
a week Thursday practices!

The other pictures are the other team I am coaching. Team Allen Ladies and
Guffey's and Robert's and a bunch of other little kids for 45 minutes on
Thursdays. It is a great chance to help coach our kids as well as meet
other children at the school.

I was just reading a blog the other day about how important it is as a
minister/pastor to get out of your ministry at least one day a week. It
really has been a great chance to meet new people and have my world
stretched a bit more. So, there it is, for 1 hour and 45 minutes every week,
I am Coach Allen on the court and the other bunch of hours I am coach Allen
in the classroom!

Actually, if I am truly honest, I am pretty much in the classroom as a
student all the time here in Africa. I am learning more here than I am
teaching anyone else...

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