Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day early and not a day too early

I think I may have mentioned it before that my only regret in marrying
Stephanie is that I didn't marry her sooner. And, on this special occasion,
namely her birthday, I would like to pause this blog a moment to publicly
proclaim what I have been saying in private and thinking to myself over the
past 12 years of our marriage, I LOVE MY WIFE! She is thoughtful, strong,
sensitive, kind, funny, smart, insightful, perceptive, hard-working,
selfless, peaceful, patient, and loving. In the words of my firstborn, the
highest compliment one can receive, "I want to be just like you when I grow
up!" So, on this day before her 37th birthday, I share with you, 37
pictures from this last year to commemorate her 37th year of life.

Stephanie, in this 37th year of your life, may you be loved, encouraged,
faith-filled and joyous. May you rejoice in the husband of your youth, may
you find delight and light in parenting and schooling the children in their
youth and may you be renewed as one who finds the fountain of their youth.

I love you!

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