Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Like Jesus

We had to move our Action Pastor's College location this last month because
of a 35% rate increase in our lease agreement. To be honest, it was a
bummer. We had organized the room and invested a lot of time and money to
make it like home. The new location is about the same size, but we are
limited in our ability to invest into making it feel like home. It is much
more like we are just renting it. The room is about the same size, but we
can't bring in our tables or chairs and so the room construction is a bit
lacking. I love the windows but we lost our air conditioning. With hot
season approaching, it will make it a tougher teaching environment, that is
for sure. So, while this can seem a bit defeating, I just take comfort in
the fact that Jesus didn't have a home, either. Matthew 8:20 - 20And Jesus
said to him, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son
of Man has nowhere to lay his head." I think sometimes religious
institutions get hamstrung by facility and debt and then the institution
ends up running the ministry instead of the other way around. So, as much
as we would like to have a home to rest our head, figuratively speaking, I
am very grateful that our ministry is more about relationships than property
or location. Now, if God were to give us a place of our own to meet
tomorrow, I definitely wouldn't turn it down, but I am choosing to be
thankful and to believe that God is at work, teaching all of us, how to be
more like Jesus.

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