Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teaching + ESV Study Bible = Really good

My friend, James Williamson, a missionary, who also teaches and disciples
pastors at the Lusaka Ministerial College in Lusaka, invited me to come and
teach to his class. He wanted me to help the pastors learn how to use the
ESV Study Bible which they received last week. And, so I took the
opportunity to teach them inductive bible study using the ESV study bible to
help them study. It was good fun helping them discover the beauty that is
the ESV study bible. Not only is a great translation, the notes are great
and the resources in the bibles are incredible. I use my ESV just about
every day and I love it. (I should get paid for this commercial). Anyway,
it was a great way to spend the morning, discovering a new compound,
connecting with new pastors, and helping people love the ESV study which I
love so much. And, for those who have been in Zambia and know Pastor Thole
from Matero, you'll be encouraged to know that he was in the class as well.

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