Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are in Zambia?

Ripleys, Melvilles, Stranbergs, Powells, and whomever else former ACTION Zambians that I forgot, prepare to be blown away. This post is mostly for the former Zambia living people who would appreciate the progress of the little Manda Hill strip mall.  I still can't believe something like this is going up in Zambia, but I guess it helps being so close to South Africa (They have financed the entire thing I hear).   A major mall with a food court, movie theater and all the clothing shops I will never need.  The rumor has it that it will also have the first McDonalds and KFC in Zambia.  We are not holding our breath for the McDonalds rumor or for the "Unwrapping" which is supposed to be in November.  Not sure what McNshima burger would taste like...  

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