Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Four One

I had a great church morning this morning. I attended four churches! I
have been wanting to create a video of all the pastors I work with for
our furlough. So, because I only had 3 Sundays before I go back to the
states, I had to make do. So, the Huckaby's joined me today as we
visited Pastor Martin's church in Kazanga, Pastor Peter and Pastor
Alfred in Garden and Pastor Patson in Ngombe. I'll be heading to four
more next Sunday and then three the following week. It was really a
great time going from church to church. I really sensed that everyone
was encouraged by our being there and it made me really proud of our
pastors and the work they are doing. Driving from one place to another
really provides good perspective on the needed ministry in the

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