Monday, October 04, 2010


Hello friends and families,

It is about  time for another update.  We have been holding off on updating because we were waiting to solidify our schedule. And we feel we have now at least got a very “definite tentative” schedule put together and we are excited to share it with you…


We are leaving Lusaka, Zambia on October 11 for  London to attend a missionary conference that Crossroads Bible Church (one of our supporting churches) is putting on for all their missionaries. Stephanie’s parents are flying over to watch the Allen 5 why we rejuvenate!


 This will last until October 18…


We will then fly to Seattle together as a family along with Stephanie’s parents.


Originally, Steve was going to fly back to Zambia to finish his term on November 22.  However, he broke his hearing aids and they are irreparable. (I broke ‘em real good!)  So, he will fly back with an active plane-discovering Jo-Jo, welcome Jennifer Rhoda Allen to the United States of America as she will become a  citizen upon arrival. He will introduce Rhoda to his parents, his brother and family and to Dairy Queen blizzards.  The plan is to be fitted with hearing aids in a week and be back on a plane on October 26 to Zambia to finish his teaching term on November 22.  The Allen ladies will be well cared for by the hug-starved grandparents and family and friends. 


Steve will be back in the states on November 21.


The plan is then on the following Sundays:

Nov 28 –Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue

Dec 5 – Downtown Church in Bellevue

Dec 12 – Northlake Community Church in Bellingham where I will be preaching during the services and speaking to the youth in the evening.

Dec 19 – (CALIFORNIA – Parents 50th anniversary)

Dec 26 – Crossroads Bible Church in  Bellevue

Jan 2 – Oikos Church and Northlake – Bellingham. I’ll be preaching at Oikos but family and I will be visiting Northlake beginning of service and possibly Sunday night Alive.  Oikos is where our new missionaries are from and the pastor has visited Zambia three times in the past year and a half

Jan 9 – Downtown  Church – Bellevue where I will be preaching. 


So stay tuned for more information! We look forward to seeing you all more than you know!!!

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